Life – Redheads DO go Grey!

For so many years people would say to me “redheads don’t turn grey” and I believed them.  A few weeks back I noticed a grey hair on my head.  When I showed a relative of mine they replied “that’s not grey that is white”.  What is the difference?  Today I looked in the mirror and I found way more grey there than I would like.  I know being over 30 I should expect this, but I honestly thought I never would turn grey.  I think I was expecting just to get lighter shades of red.  I have never dyed my hair before, but I am thinking about it.  My concern with dying my hair, is that they will not match the colour exactly as it is now (minus the grey lol) .Maybe I would be better off getting highlights, that way it will all blend and I will have my base colour.  I know this is something I am not going to attempt to do at home on my own.  I am dreading what a professional will charge me for this.

Funny thing is, I received a gift certificate for Christmas to get my hair done and I still have it in my purse.  I was actually cutting my own hair this morning when I noticed all of my new grey. Between school for me, school for the kids, Doctor appointments and dentist visits I find sticking to a schedule hard enough. Now I need to schedule a hair appointment…bleh  A funny side note -Before I came to write this post I googled about redheads turning grey.  Some very strange myths came up in my search results : )  Maybe I will share them in more depth at a later time.  For now, I need to fix my hair problem.



  1. I'm a redhead too and for a long time I never expected to go grey either. After all my mom hadn't and she was a redhead! But then the horrible truth came out. Not only does the red fade but you go grey as well. That happened to my mom. And now that I'm in my thirties I can find those little white hairs too!!

  2. I Love this post! I also never thought I would have to color my hair! But now I do! And I learned the hard way not to let them blend blond or brown with the copper. Because then my hair gets all excited about the new color and ignores the red. So I have them use a copper that's 1… sometimes 2 shades darker than my normal color, and in 2-3 washes it's toned down and perfect! ( the sun bleaches out my hair since coloring. That's why I color a little darker ). I've met several other redheads that have the same problem. Good luck!!Following you now via GFC from the Sunday hop!

  3. I am 68 with red hair, it has turned lighter but no grey or white. Maybe i am blessed, love my hair color.

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