IronKids Gummy Vitamins

A few weeks back I wrote a post HERE about how much my kids love IronKids Gummy Vitamins. We have permanently made these our families vitamins. I also informed you that if you signed up to receive the newsletter you would receive a $2 coupon in the mail for Canadians or a $2 coupon code American moms could use at  I signed up and I quickly got my coupon in the mail.  I later received a very generous package from Deb at IronKids as a thank you and for my kids to try out. 

The package contained four full size bottles of IronKids Gummy Vitamins.  One bottle was the Multi-Vitamin for Active kids , one Omega-3 for Smart kids, one Calcium for Growing kids and one Vitamin D for Healthy kids.  This was great because we originally had tried the Multi Vitamin for Active kids and since my kids loved them, we had not tried any others. They love that they were not chalky and that the taste was great.  I love that IronKids is a Canadian company and their products are available in both Canada and The United States.  There are many benefits to choosing IronKids over other brands.  These benefits include, they have no sugar coating, no artificial colours, dye’s or flavours and no aspertame (common ingredients on other gummies) IronKids Gummies are an all natural vitamin, everything on the label can be identified. Isn’t that great?

I decided to start the kids with the vitamin D this time, being winter and not nearly as sunny as we would like. My oldest daughter instantly told me she liked these more than the ones they originally had and enjoyed. They are orange and peach and she only needs to take 1 a day. My sons however chose to continue with the Multi vitamin. They are very active in sports and they prefer the taste variety, my youngest takes the Calcium.  With a big family and every child having specific needs this four pack was perfect for us. It gave me the chance to see what the best choice for each child was.  All of the kids will be trying the Omega-3 next when these bottles are done :). It is great to have a Canadian company understand the various needs of families.  IronKids has us as customers for life. I recommend this company to other families with confidence that you will find the right vitamin for your children’s lifestyle and specific needs.  I have not once had to remind my kids to take their vitamins since IronKids has been in our home, they ask me if they can take them.  That makes me feel really good.

A little bit about them
IronKids are a Health Canada approved natural health product.  They have also received the PTPA seal of approval.  You can find IronKids products almost every where, Shoppers Drugmart, Costco, Walmart and Zellers just to list a few. You can also buy them online (see their website for details) I would like to also mention that IronKids is an active supporter of many community events including the 2011 TRi Kids Triathlon Series.

From their site
IronKids Gummy vitamins are made in Canada by Life Science Nutritionals, a growing company started in Burlington, Ontario to give kids an all natural choice in a gummy vitamin! No sugar coating, no aspartame, no artificial colors . . only real ingredients.

At Life Science Nutritionals we believe that people are our greatest asset and that your health is your greatest asset. That is why we are dedicated to developing nutritional products, with uncompromised quality that benefit the health of our consumers. By formulating products based on modern science and innovative technology we deliver products with true nutritional value that help our consumers live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Connect with IronKids
Online you can find IronKids 
on twitter @KidsGummyMum
on Facebook
You Tube
and on their website This is where you want to go to sign up for the newsletter and get your $2 coupon

Win it
IronKids has generously offered one of you a four pack of vitamins for your family.  If you are Canadian you will receive one of each just like I did (1 multi, 1 Omega, 1 Calcium and 1 Vitamin D) .  If you are American you can still enter to win, your package will include 2 Multi vitamins and 2 Omega.

Mandatory entry
– Visit IronKids and signup for the newsletter (you will be sent a $2 coupon for signing up), if you already have done this before then come back and tell me something you read on their site

Extra entries
please complete these after you have completed the mandatory entry. Leave a separate comment for each, do as many as you would like. 1 entry per comment (no need to leave your email if it is visible in your profile)
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Enter to #Win a four pack of IronKids Gummy Vitamins from @KidsGummyMum US/CAN @Gingermommy ends April 4 

This giveaway is open to both US and Canadian residents. One winner will be drawn on April 4th 2011 at 11:59 pm ET using Random .Org.  Where you live will determine the contents of your pack. All entries will be verified. The winner will be notified by email and blog announcement.  You will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Thank you all for entering, if you have any questions feel free to contact me

Thank you to Deb and IronKids for supplying my family with the above products for review and sponsoring this great giveaway.

Disclaimer- The above post is honest and of my own opinion, not influenced in any way.  I received the mentioned product free of charge as a thank you and for review purposes. Product details were obtained from the sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for shipping the prize to the winner.


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