Great Canadian Blog Bash #TGCBB The Knitwit By Shair Cleaning Pack

If you have not yet read my review of the cleaning pack check it out here Shari from is a talented knitter and has an Etsy shop where she sells her hats, blankets, cleaning packs and more. 

One of my lucky Canadian readers is going to win a Cleaning pack that contains a dishcloth, a scrubby and a swiffer. Don’t worry if you don’t win. You can always order them at her Etsy shop The cleaning pack is valued at $6. This is also green (eco friendly) because you can reuse the swiffer over and over again.

Enter to win (complete as many entries as you like, leave a separate comment for each)
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#Canadians enter to #win a cleaning pack from @knitwitshair #TGCBB 07/01 @Gingermommy

RULES* This giveaway is part of the Great Canadian Blog Bash event. 1 Canadian resident will be drawn using and notified by email and blog announcement. This giveaway ends July 1st at 11:59pmET and you will have until July 5th to respond if you win. 

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