Wicked Jack (children’s book)

We love books in our home. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, I post so many of them here lol When I was contacted to review a copy of Wicked Jack by Connie Nordhielm Woodbrige I was thrilled. Not only do we love books, but we love Halloween too.

This colourful hardcover book was a lot of fun to read with my older children. Perfectly suited for Halloween. The pictures throughout the book are very spooky with perfect detail. 

“WICKED JACK (Holiday House 1995) was author Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge’s first book!  Paired with renowned illustrator Will Hillenbrand’s evocative pictures, this retelling of an Appalachian tale earned rave reviews (see excerpts below) upon its release.  And every Halloween, the book is read and reread by families and in schools.

With illustrations animated by Hillenbrand, and a score created for woodwind quintet, WICKED JACK is also performed live for school children – with the author narrating.

The story has its roots in an Appalachian folktale, and is on its way to becoming a holiday classic.”

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