Potty Training – Thank Goodness for Kandoo

Hand washing is very important. you know that. I know that. Now just to get the little ones in our life to know this. We are pretty much at the tail end of potty training in our house. So this means all day long little one is going on the potty. Most nights she wakes up dry. Most outings are accident free. Along with this great milestone in a heightened sense of independence. She is insisting on doing everything in the bathroom herself. 

Just in time I had a delivery from Pampers Kandoo we were sent two packs of flush-able wipes So no need to worry about them missing a spot when wiping. And two pump bottles of the hand soap.  These products are really fun for little kids. DD likes to add the stickers to her wipes tub after she has finished up. Plus the colour and design are really great for little ones. The pump itself is perfectly designed for little hands. I am loving having these in out homes.  It was a lot tougher to encourage my other kids to be this independent when they were potty training. 

Kandoo products are hypoallergenic and are sulfate and paraben free. They have a nice fruity scent that kids really like. I also like that these products are travel friendly. No need to worry when in a public restroom.

Introducing Pampers Kandoo ALL NEW Line of Kid Friendly products – Handsoap, Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Sanitizer specifically designed to help children get clean on their own.

Check out these incredible savings currently available at Walmart Canada. Pampers Kandoo products — specifically the 50-pack Flushable Wipes, 250ml 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo and the 250ml Moisturizing Body Wash are on sale for $1.97 each. These items can be found within the baby section of Walmart stores.

These promotional prices are good through November 25, 2011.

That is a fantastic price! I will need to go and stock up for sure 🙂

If you have a little one that you would like to encourage to wash their hands and more check out Kandoo on twitter @pamperskandoo and also on Facebook

Disclosure- I received the above products for review purposes. All opinions expressed are honest and of my own


  1. The Spring Mount 6 P says:

    I love Kandoo. I use them Willow and they are a life saver

  2. Must try, my little girls always forgets to wash her hands!

  3. I really like Kandoo products too

  4. I'll have to try these. Donovan is on day 2 of wearing underwear instead of diapers…accidents are stil frequent!

  5. These products are a HUGE fav in our house, works well, smells great – love the whole line!

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