3D Deco Lights- Basketball Light

My children, especially my boys love sports! I was happy when their dad was not a huge sports fan as it gave me my Television watching time. I am now getting pay back as they always have the hockey game or basket ball game or some world soccer tournament on. When they are not watching sports they are reading about them. They both are heavily involved in sports at school and in the community. Sports are a huge part of their lives. 

A few months back I posted about the 3D Soccer Deco Light on my blog.  I remember thinking it would make a great addition to any sporty decor. A rec-room or bedroom. Really fun and original. 

So when I found out that 3D LightFX added more sports 3D Deco lights to their site I was thrilled. They now have 3D lights for the following sports

  • football
  • soccer
  • hockey
  • baseball
  • basketball

Each one is $19.97 and you can find them online and at Walmart. They offer a money back guarantee as well so you will be satisfied.

This time around I requested the Basketball 3D Deco Light. We are in the middle of basketball season here and I knew my oldest son would love it for his room.  This light is fabulous. We have not put it up yet as we are renovating and painting his walls. The Basketball part of the light is the size of a real ball. It is brightly coloured and will fit perfectly with his sporty theme. especially since the stickers make it look like it has cracked the wall. My son has had his share of window breaks already.

3D Light FX is a the creation of Canadians. This cordless light adds character to any room while also adding just enough light to show off the light itself and add vision to the room. I will post pics of the light once we have finished our renos and have it up. It is going to be so cool!

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What kind of 3D Deco Light do you think you would choose?


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