Where can I list my Canada friendly Blog Giveaways?

For a review and giveaway blogger, listing your giveaway can make or break a giveaway. We all want to do a good job when promoting our clients giveaways. Some products do better than others and some need extra promotion. I do not submit every giveaway I host elsewhere, but the odd one that needs special attention or has a specific audience, I promote a bit more. Honestly, for me it usually depends on how much extra time I have. Giveaway linkys are also great place for entrants to get their extra “share” entries.

I have been seeing a lot of bloggers asking where to promote their giveaways lately. I figured I would put up a list of site that are Canada friendly to list and promote your giveaways. Each site is different in their requirements for listing and their amount of promotion. Many request you put their button or link on your blog and in return you get your giveaway listed, tweeted and shared on Facebook. Make sure you read before you list. I recommend listing your giveaways elsewhere when you can, as it will increase your entries, exposure for your client and readership. 

Some of my favourite places to promote are

Of course we have also started hosting a Canada friendly giveaway linky here too on Mondays. For more places to submit your giveaways, visit my friends master linky list here linkiescontestlinkies.com Great place to find contests and giveaways open to both US and Canada 


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