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I am notorious for going barefoot in the summer. No socks no shoes. Lucky if I wear sandals. So in turn my lazy summer footwear makes my feet dry and very rough. Ad the fact that when I wear runners my feet sweat and I get blisters. I will do you all a favour and not post pics :) Usually I try to balance myself in the shower and scrape my feet with a stone or file. I also have used lotions and oils to moisturize my feet in the past. My peeve with that is my feet get slippery or I leave creamed up foot prints on my floor and furniture. 

  • So when Skinfix sent me a Foot care pack I was glad to try it out. The pack included 
  • Skinfix Body repair paste 112g
  • Skinfix Body repair paste (travel size) 10g
  • Skinfix Tulip foot exfoliator
  • Skinfix Intense therapy toeless socks

Skinfix Body repair paste has a light smell and feels thicker than a cream. I have been following the directions since I got home form my trip nad am liking the feel of my feet. They are smooth and the cracks are going away. I guess that means the moisture is back. 

  • Rub Skinfix tulip all over your feet after shower/bath.
  • Wipe area clean
  • Massage Skinfix Body repir paste on feet
  • Allow for absorption on rough and cracked spots. 
  • intense heel therapy? Place socks on feet after application

Diabetics can use this too, it is safe. 

Skinfix Body Repair Paste is an all-in-one skin cream used with confidence for generations on any part of the body from head to toe and everywhere in between.
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