Facts about Redheads

Every time I have been in the hospital the nurses would say to me “because you are a redhead” For almost everything from nose bleeds to child birth. I feel things most people would not even be aware of in my body so I always have some sort of “pain” I guess this is why we can tolerate real pain a bit more and the epidural during my deliveries was not very reliable. So when I came across this, I just had to share with you all these quick facts about redheads.




Are you a redhead? Do you agree or disagree with this?




  1. I find this very interesting! My epidural was a fail. Well, the walking epidural did nothing and they had to give me more juice! I was also told by my tattoo artist how well I did during the process, she sounded surprised. This has me thinking about everything I feel, from the injections into my injured ankle, to how long I put up with an I juried ankle, to the amount of painkillers it takes to alleviate aches and pains. I am leaning towards agreeing with this statement!
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  2. Interesting.
    I have a few red heads in the family and from injuries, or procedures they have had, this sounds like them.
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  3. This is interesting, I definitely have a high pain threshold. One thing my doc said once when he was removing an implant from my arm, I bled for quite a bit… “This is because you’re a red head!” When I was a kid I was quite firery, put down to my red hair once more!

  4. Yes to everything in the post and the bleeding issue.

  5. Can't say anything about red head, just they are the best, not a red head myself, just like red hair

  6. Quinnie Calvert says:

    Yes, I recently had mouth surgery done and they gave me laughing gas. The nurse told me to tell her when I felt different and it took me around 4 minutes. My best friend had the same surgery and it took her only 10 seconds and shes a brunette!

  7. I heard from my dentist YEARS ago that we are indeed harder to numb. I also don't clot well after dental surgery…. so I guess I am pretty damn red. LOL.

  8. yes that's me too from bleeding to pain management

  9. I was born a red head but then my hair changed colour when I was about 1. I think I've retained all of the red headed traits though, this included. My mother and I both have problems with anesthetic at the dentist. We both take way more shots than both my sister and father who are both dark brunettes.
    I was in the hospital and they had given me 3 shots of Valium before they switched to Percocet. It turns out that my mother, another red headed friend and I are all completely immune to the effects of Valium.

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