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This post has been brought to you by Schick Intuition, as always all opinions are my own.

When it comes to summer, there are only a few things I need in my beauty bag. Moisturizer, a good razor, sunscreen and lip gloss. These along with my sun hat, sandals and sunglasses and I am set. I love the summer, the sun and all of the time we get to spend outdoors. Not a fan of the heat, but the sunny long days are pretty great. I am guilty of slacking when it comes to keeping my legs smooth over the winter months. I do not completely stop shaving, just slack a bit. But now that I am wearing skirts, shorts and capris more, I am making more of an effort to get summer ready.

I am a busy working mom who is always on the go. My days start early and often it feels like there is just not enough time to get anything done. Getting in my much-needed me time, is not always an option. So shaving my legs is often rushed and done just before going out. As a young woman I was taught to use a gel then shave my legs, never dry. I always ended up with red rashy legs and just assumed this was normal. As I got older and tried different razors, I changed things up and found what worked better for me.

Schick Intuition has an amazing razor that lets me shave my legs anywhere, anytime without all the fuss and mess.

I was recently sent a Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture Razor to try out. I loved how smooth it worked with no need for gels of creams. The razor left my legs feeling great with no bump or rashes. Just wet the razor and you are good to go! The Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor formulated with shea butter moisturizes and softens skin during shaving – in one easy step – so there’s no need to use shave gel. It also features a 4-blade pivoting head to glide smoothly along the contours of your legs and body. The razor fits nicely in my hand and glides with ease. The replaceable cartridges last a long while. They pop on and off very easily.

Now when I am limited for time, I do not need to skip shaving my legs. I can literally do it all quickly with great results.

About Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture Razor

For a close, fast shave that moisturizes during shaving, the skin moisturizing solid surrounding the razor eliminates the need for shave gel, soap, or body wash.

Now with summer just around the corner I can go into it with confidence and smooth silky legs. I can not wait to buy a new pair of shorts to show them off!

Schick gave 50 of my readers a chance to check out the Schick Intuition razor for themselves. They will all be commenting on this post shortly with their reviews. One lucky reviewers will win a $100 prepaid gift card for sharing their thoughts. I can not wait to see what they think. Full rules are posted here

Visit to find out more info and the right razor for you.

Are you summer ready? Have you tried the Schick Intuition razor before? what did you think?



  1. Meri Temudo says:

    Smooth, Silky, and Smart!

    Let me first off say that I was able to try the Schick Intuition Effect #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry – Nonetheless, this razor is EVERYTHING!

    Today on my way home I received my razor in the mail and eagerly I went home to try it out during my nightly shower routine. Like most moms, we shower in the evening to rid ourselves of drying our hair and shaving in the early morning rush while getting the children ready for school so anything to make my usual routine easy, I appreciate.

    Initially, I thought all razors were made the same -this one rocks though because unlike a regular razor it has built in shaving cream and 4 razors to get a smooth and silky shave every time! Simple and easy to use and it left my body super soft and smooth in the end. I also love that it is large enough to hold and uniquely different than my husbands razors so there will be no mix ups!

    Overall super impressed!

  2. (#gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry)

    Thanks for the opportunity to try this Schick Intuition razor. I used it in the tub last night to shave my legs, and it did a great job. No nicks, very smooth shave, and very smooth and soft legs afterwards. The shea butter formulation is lovely. The Intuition is super easy and quick to use, and I like that I don’t need a separate shave cream or gel – no stopping to apply gel on the next stretch of calf! One less thing to think about makes me happy.

  3. Lindsey P says:

    #GotItFree I tried this razor this morning in the shower and loved it. The shave was so close and the razor was very moisturizing as well. I haven’t had a shave this close before so I would definitely be purchasing this!! I also did not need any shaving cream and I did not have any cuts either!!

  4. (#gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.)

    I tried out the Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor today and am thrilled with it. It gives a super close shave, and left my skin feeling silky and smooth. I love that I don’t need to add shower gel/shave cream or soap to my legs before shaving – one less expense

  5. Kristen Visser says:

    Pure Luxury In A Shaver

    I received the Schick Intuition Effect #gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product which is also a contest entry and I am so thrilled to have been chosen for this opportunity to try such a clever razor.

    I was quite impressed as soon as I received the product and compared it to the most recent one I had been using. The size in itself was quite a difference (which the schick was approx four times the size). When I took the razor out of the packaging for review, the first thing that caught my attention was the refreshing scent. It was strong but not overbearing. It was perfect. I honestly spent a few minutes just taking in the scent. I was honestly looking for instructions on how to use it at first when I realized all that was needed was water. Amazed already, I gave it a try. The whole time I was using the razor I was thinking “there is no way this razor is working and shaving the areas I am going over”. I was thinking that way because it was such a smooth glide and I couldn’t feel the blade on my skin. The razor gave off a perfect amount of lather. Overall I am quite impressed with the quality and overall design of this razor. It left no razor burns, cuts or scrapes. Just perfectly smooth, silky, fresh smelling skin

  6. (#gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry)

    I used the razor last night to shave my legs in the shower. I loved how rich and creamy it lathered up so the razor glided smoothly over my skin. It was nice to not have use shaving cream and saved me an extra step. My legs felt smooth and soft afterwards with no nicks or razor burn.

  7. I was selected to try the new Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor with shea butter. #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.

    I was excited to try out this new razor. Schick is my favourite razor brand as I find they provide a close shave. The new Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor didn’t disappoint.It provided a very clean and comfortable shave. It was nice not to have to worry about using soap or shaving gel in order to shave — saved me time for sure.

    I liked how easily the razor curved when shaving my underarms. It was very easy to control and ensure proper coverage.

    The razor is quite light and comfortable to use, though I do wish it was not as clunky.

    I will continue to use the razor, and do recommend it. Thanks!

  8. (#gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.)

    I’m super impressed with how soft my legs were after using this. I usually shave with a men’s razor and coconut oil, which I though was the best I could do, but after trying the Schick Intuition I’m pleasantly surprised! My legs have stayed hydrated longer too.

    Is there a smaller one for the more “delicate” areas?

  9. (#gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry)

    I’ve been a longtime fan of another razor. SO loyal to it for many many years but I liked the all in one idea of being able to eliminate shaving gel with the Schick Intuition. (It’s such a pain to juggle that extra bottle in the shower and to have to take it with me when I travel). Well, apparently I am now loyal to the Schick Intuition. I have really dry, really sensitive skin. The razor glided over my skin smoothly and easily. No nicks whatsoever (that’s a first for me). My skin was smoother and softer not only right out of the shower but it’s been 3 days since I tried it and they’re still softer than ever.

  10. nicolthepickle says:

    The Schick Intuition Razor is a smart solution.
    I #gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.
    A razor complete with soap is such a simple, smart idea. You don’t need to mess with shaving cream, just make the razor and your legs wet and glide away. It gives a nice smooth shave. I didn’t get any cuts or scrapes from it, and it glides very well.
    I didn’t like the scent very well. It smelled a bit like baby powder, but it wasn’t very strong and didn’t linger.
    It does have moisturizing Shea butter in it, which is nice.
    I recommend it wholeheartedly, perfect for every day and for packing in your travel bag.

  11. #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.
    Like all other Schick Intuition razors, this one is big and kind of bulky, which made it a little tough to shave the underarms. The moisturizing strip was a nice touch, and lathered up really nice so the blades could glide across the skin. I had no nicks and was left with smooth skin. I just didn’t care for the huge handle on the razor.

    I like that its an all-in-one and would definitely take this on vacation instead of my usual razor/shaving cream. For every day use, I think I would still stick with my usual razor and shaving cream, as it gives me a closer shave.

  12. #GotItFree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry”

    I really dislike going a day without shaving my legs, especially in summer. More often than not though, bath time is a hurried thing for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped in the bath, only to realize I have my razor ready but, not my shave gel. So the shaving gets skipped that day. Ugh.

    I love that with the Schick Intuition you don’t have to worry about the shave gel. You just grab your razor, wet it, and start shaving. It couldn’t be faster or easier. I’ve been getting a nice, smooth, close shave with the Schick Intuition razor I received. Love the great scent the razor leaves behind on my legs too!

    Thanks for letting me try out the Schick Intuition!

  13. #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.
    I usually shave my legs while I am having my morning shower but since I received my razor late today I decided to try my Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor out of the shower.

    To look at the razor it would appear a bit heavy but once you pick it up you will see that is not true. It is quite light. I wet it and proceeded to shave. Having arthritis I find some razors cause my hands to cramp up while I am using them but this was not the case with this razor. I liked the pleasant light scent and it glided nicely down my legs. I found I only had to go one pass down each area of the leg and the built in shave cream made the razor slide easily.

    My legs now feel very smooth, there are no nicks and none of that I just shaved redness or bumpiness I have experienced with regular razors and shave gel. I am not sure how long the cartridge lasts but I think it looks like it will last quite a few shaves as you could hardly see any difference in the built in soap area. It is still intact and there is another cartridge included which is nice to see.

    For a nice easy, quick and effective shave with beautiful results I would recommend this razor. I can’t wait to feel that just shaved smoothness as I get into bed tonight.

  14. #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry!
    The first thing I noticed was the scent, I loved the scent of this one very much, nice and light!
    I also liked the rubber handle on it as well, easy to hold onto and makes for a great grip, no sliding while holding it. I liked that all I had to do was get it wet and I was ready to shave, I loved the ease of gliding up my leg with no tugging and no nicks, it felt like I wasn’t shaving at all, it’s great not having to worry about using messy shaving cream, this does it all and it leaves your legs smooth and silky afterwards as well. The only downside I have with these is the price of the refills, I find they are a little expensive, other than that it’s a great razor to have and I am very happy that I was able to give it a try!!

  15. I #gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry. I’ve always preferred Schick Intuition razors because they simplify things (no need for shaving cream- just get in the shower & go!). I never have problems with my legs being itchy or bumpy after I use the Intuition razor- I tried it quite a few years ago and I keep coming back for it!

  16. #gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry
    Simplicity at it’s best, this razor has a comfortable hand grip, includes built in lather so elimates need for borrowing hubby’s shaving foam! It leaves a smooth shave with no nicks and has convenient refills. Easy peasy to bring for overnighters or travelling. Thank you for this samole and this opportunity to share my review.

  17. I was very happy to be selected to try the new Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor with hea butter. I #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.
    The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the size of the razor. Since I frequently use a typical razor marketed to men, I am used to a thin-handled razor. The bulk of the razor did not bother me at all. It was quite comfortable to hold and simple to use. The other thing I noticed was the scent. I am quite sensitive to scents so to me this was a fairly strongly scented item. Shea butter normally does not bother me so I was surprised at how this seemed to be more strongly scented. To me it was ‘perfumy’. While in the shower the scent was not strong and did not bother me at all. Phew!
    I have to say I love the idea of not needing shaving gel or cream…or even having to just lather up with soap – JUST WET AND GO. It was fantastic! While I don’t think it was the closest shave I’ve ever had, it was a smooth shave with no nicks. I found it easy to use on my legs and armpits, but the larger razor head was a little more difficult when trying to reach more sensitive regions. My legs felt soft afterwards but I wanted an expert’s opinion so I called in my husband. He had no complaints!
    For me, this product is a win. I probably wouldn’t purchase the shea butter refills again, but I would be interested in trying one of their other scents, such as the hypoallergenic Sensitive Care ® skin conditioning solid which contains 100% natural Aloe and Vitamin E or the Island Berry with Acai Berry extract.

  18. Kelly young says:

    This razor is amazing for my thick course hair, it gives a close shave with its four sharp blades closer than any razor I have tried before. I have very dry skin and I find after I shave my skin is left with dry flakey patches of skin. I did not have that problem with this razor, it comes with a built in moisturizer bar with a pleasant scent if shea butter. It does not only leave my dry skin feeling smooth it leaves it smelling good too! This razor claims that you do not need shave gel to shave with it and that is 100% true I did not need to use any shaving gel while shaving my legs with this razor because the built in moisturizing bar did that job for me. I would recommend this razor to anyone with course thick hair and dry skin that want the closest shave possible.

  19. Schick Intuition razors are my favourite for a few reasons. 1. I love that I don’t have to keep shaving cream in my shower. The cans always rust and leave rings. 2. The Intuition is PERFECT for camping and travel where one more product (shaving cream) takes up way too much room and 3. It works GREAT. It shaves my plentiful and thick leg hair (aren’t I lucky) and leaves my legs moisturized too.

  20. Treen Goodwin says:

    #Gotitfree , I received the Schick Intuition a couple of days ago , i used it yesterday , i love it , the fact i didn’t need shaving lotion was awesome , the lovely smell of the Shea butter was wonderful as well , the closeness of the shave is fantastic , great for all you traveling like camping which would be super great , my legs are super soft and no missed hair which i usually tend to find , i love the four blades , really helps with a better closer shave , all and all i’m in love with the Schick Intuition razor and will def be buying it all the time <3 i will recommend it to family s well , thanks for the chance to try it out !

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