Showing your Tweet for giveaways (a Tutorial)

I had already posted a tutorial about how to show your tweet on blog giveaways. However Twitter has changed a few things including their format. If it has not already changed for you it should soon.   I thought I should add to the original and repost for those who may have missed it. If you are new to entering blog giveaways especially ones that are not on Rafflecopter you will want to pay attention. You can read the original post here if you want to How to show your tweet

So what you are after is the url to your individual tweet. Or in some cases a url to someone else’s tweet. I like to email tweets to friends if I think they are interested etc. To get a better view of the pics below, just click on them to enlarge.

First thing you need to do is locate the tweet you want to show the URL to. I just changed my twitter background and needed a reason to show it off 🙂

Once you located your tweet, scroll over it with your mouse.  You will see words apper in the upper right side of your tweet. Click on OPEN

Clicking on OPEN will make your tweet expand. You will then see the time you tweeted and the word Details Click on it. This will change the screen and your tweet will be alone in the thread. You can now copy and paste your url to share.

I know this is a lot of pics for something that after time gets to be really easy. I just want to make sure it is clear. Above is your tweet on its own ready to have the URL recorded

.Final step. Copy and paste. I hope you found this useful. I am planning on writing a “How to enter blog giveaways” tutorial soon. If at any time you can not figure something out or need help, just ask. I know Rafflecopter has its glitches sometimes.

Happy tweeting!


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